About Me

Name: Seyed Javad
Last name: Noorjamali
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Tehran
Location: Long hard road out of hell
Employment Status: CEO, Chairman
Languages: English (Normal)
Educational Background: Islamic Free University
Inverted TTL: 30
Type: Network Architect
Status: Single
Packet Source: San Francisco
DNA: Persian
What inspires me: Business
Wants: Business Development and Find Reliable Companies for Business
What I Believe in: Universe
Favorite Cuisine: Stack of White Rice, Green Salad with lemon, Pepsi
Interests: Business for myself & Good Thinking, Business Development, Travels & Watching Movies Action
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Swim & Badminton
Qualifications: Cisco Network Expert CCIE (R&S) & MCITP
Favorite Tech: Design and Implementation
Favorite Text: Cisco, Microsoft, Electronic
Favorite Routing Protocols: ISIS, BGP, ElGRP, OSPF & MPLS
Quick Profile

Born in Iran on 7, March, 1977, started to learning computer programming with Basic when I was only 14.Then


I switched Commodore & Z80 Microcontroller, In 1999 I was Learning Install Structure Cabling , Molex , Hubble , legrand, 3M , R&M , ... & Started to Working On Executive Project Management , MCP Windows 2000 Professional & Windows 2000 Server , MCP Network Essentials Plus , CompTIA Network+ , Security+ ,With amazing interest in Classic Music, Play Tennis, Mounting Climbing and I achieved Install Structure Cabling in 2000, when I was 24. Long sweet road of Cisco Products, I was working hard on it, I achieved CCNA on July 2004.


Without any dedicated study achieving Cisco Wireless LAN for SE.SV2.0, CCIE Exam Written on summer of 2004 easily, registering new company with the name of Resam Shabakeh Co, LTD yeah, sweet dreams are made of these and…….


I’m translating the book Cisco CCIE R&S in the field clear and simple, for those who are interested in learning Persian.


All-round experienced network addict with in-depth understanding of networking technologies and highly certified engineering skills. Committed to technical and operational excellence. Methodical and results-oriented, though believing in fun and humor and honest collaboration as the way to go.


In the 18 years period of professional experience in networking industry, successfully performing in a broad range of responsible roles. Expert technical know-how and comprehensive “hands-on” practice within multi-vendor service provider environments, complemented by extensive day-to-day collaboration with customers and suppliers, anticipating their viewpoints and demands. Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, accompanied by a solid background in IT security.


I love to travel more on business to the Asian countries saw different cultures met so far in my business like: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Laos, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Baku, Azerbaijan, India, Qatar, Vietnam, Turkey, China and other Countries…..


Really Appreciate For Viewing
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Seyed Javad Noorjamali

CCIE TM NO. CSCO10846307 Exam Written
1: CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (R&S 350-001).
2: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate.
3: CCNAS Cisco Certified Network Associate Security.
4: CCNAW Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless.
5: CCNAV Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice.
6: CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate.
7: CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP Routing & Switching).
8: DCNID Designing Cisco Data Center Network Infrastructure.
9: MCITP Microsoft Certified IT Professional.
10: MOLEX Premise Networks Structured Cabling System Installation (Copper & Fiber Optic).
11: HUBBELL Certified Installation Structured Cabling of Copper.
12: HUBBELL Certified Installation Structured Cabling of Fiber Optic.
13: HUBBELL Certified Project Management.
14: 3M Certified Installation Structured Cabling of Fiber Optic.
15: LEGRAND Certified Installation Structured Cabling of Fiber Optic.
16: R&M Certified Installation Structured Cabling of Fiber Optic.
17: HP Cortication……
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Looking for customers seeking expert consultant services on sustainable network planning and support in areas such as service provider networks.

Enterprise-grade WAN and VPN Connectivity
Campus LAN Solutions, intranets
Data Center Network Infrastructure and Virtualization
Next-Generation Network (NGN) implementations, Convergence of Data, Voice, and Video (VoIP, IPTV)
Migration from legacy transport services such as ATM and Frame relay towards an integrated IP/MPLS
Network consolidation after company mergers and acquisitions
Requirements engineering, budget planning, RFI, RFQ, RFP
Per-sales support and transition management
Supplier and service management
Network operations, troubleshooting and optimization….

1: Malek Ashtar University of Technology Defense (Aerospace Industries Organization) Tehran and Karaj
2: Atomic Energy Organization in Tehran and Bushehr City
3: The Expediency Discernment Council of the System (EDCS)
4: The National Audit Organization
5: Social Security Organization of Tehran and Qazvin and Rey City
6: Physical Education Organization of Tehran Province
7: Staff of the Presidential Anti-Drug
8: Defense Ministry Parchin Missile Site
9: Police Passport Office Buildings and Public Places in Tehran
10: All Branches of National Banks Melat in Tehran Province
11: Raja Passenger Trains Company
12: Clearance and Shipment of oil Companies
13: University martyr Rajai
14: University of Physical Education
15: University of Science and Technology
16: Revolution University
17: University of Kerman in Tissue
18: Kerman University
19: Sharif University of Technology
20: and other……